Baal Deserved Far More Credit


Reading Bulbul Tiwari '99's article on Baal (Arts, March 21), I was disappointed that the writer misunderstood or just plain missed so much of the brilliant production put on by Brett E. Egan '99 and Sam C. Speedie '99, but I've long since become used to Crimson reviewers being overly critical of some of HRDC's finer shows.

Fortunately, the article appeared too late to discourage anyone from going, and those who saw it last weekend will be able to pass their own judgment, so I won't elaborate on why Baal deserved far more credit than the review gave it.

However, I would like to correct two glaring errors in the article that fail to confer credit where it is due. First, though Zack Sung did manage to create an incredible set, the artist who Tiwari accidentally assumed was Sung was in fact the Artistic Designer, Sam T. Pfister '99.

Secondly, though Roy Kosuge '99 did a fantastic job on sound design, the live music which Tiwari dismissed as "jarring" was created by the band consisting of Jon Natchez, Hatim Belyamani '99, and Shawn R. Feeney '99. These men well deserve recognition for their fantastic work. --David W. Egan '00