Welcome to the Jungle

We welcome you to Camp Mass. Hall, Harvey V. Fineberg '67.

We're mighty glad you're here.

But we'll send the office reverberating

If you fail to make things clear:

That UHS,


And labor too

Shall be handled with care due.

Hail, hail, the new provost,

And welcome to Camp Mass. Hall.

The appointment of Harvey V. Fineberg '67, formerly dean of the School of Public Health, to the position of University provost bodes well for Harvard. We are encouraged by his record and by his apparently good relations with President Neil L. Rudenstine, who appointed Fineberg to the University's second highest post last week in record time. Fineberg's new offices in Massachusetts Hall are being vacated by Albert Carnesale, the current provost, who is moving on to the chancellorship of the University of California at Los Angeles.

Besides fundraising, the provost does have quite a few important responsibilities. If Fineberg is smart and politic, as we presume he is, he'll take a fresh look at two problematic areas of University policy for which he is responsible. The first is University Health Services, which has for too long served as a shoddy infirmary, complete with long waits and inadequate care. Fineberg should use his experience in the world of public health to improve the health care offered to students here.

In addition, Fineberg ought to repair labor relations with the University's many unions. Provost Carnesale is leaving office after months of protesting outside his window by part-time workers. Fineberg should approach the University's workers with an eye toward compromise. This labor-friendly mindset, combined with a dedication to student health services, should put Fineberg in good standing with the students and community.