The Harvard Crimson softball team improved its record to 4-0 on the season yesterday when the Undergraduate Council forfeited, giving The Crimson a win of 23-2.

Eleven Crimeds showed up at Cambridge Commons ready to take on the student politicians, but nary a U.C. representative showed up.

The chair of the U.C.'s Campus Softball Committee, junior Winston Everett-Tawny IV, said that it wasn't his fault.

"I followed the constitution on this one," Everett-Tawny said. "If those [other members] forgot to show up, is it my fault? I'd be lying to the good voting citizens of Currier if I said yes."

When asked why he didn't attend, Everett-Tawny said that he was busy running a student referendum on whether the U.C. should show up for the game. Nobody voted, which the U.C. took as a sign from the gods not to play.


"On the upside, there were more U.C. people there than spectators at the God Street Wine thing," said Managing Editor Andrew Green, who went four for four, hitting for the cycle for the third consecutive game.

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