CUE Guide Is Now Accessible Online

Getting your CUE just got easier.

The CUE Guide, the widely used course ratings book published yearly by students working for the Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE), can now be accessed online via a new Web page.

The Web site, which has been up and running since Sept. 2, incorporates all of the information available in the Guide.

The idea behind the page is to make access to the CUE Guide quicker and easier, said Jessica A. Wolf'99, editor in chief of the CUE Guide staff.

According to Justin E. Fields '99, who designed the site, a new feature may be added before second semester-the ability to search ratings by instructor.

Currently, the page has an icon for instructor searches, but a disclaimer states that the feature is not yet linked.

Fields said he ran out of time and could not get the link up before shopping week.

According to Wolf, the page was originally commissioned to be functional for last year, but kinks in the computer program used to load the information caused problems.

Fields said he worked 70 to 80 hours a week during the waning days of August to finish the page.

Wolf said she did not even know if the page would be ready for this year and was pleasantly surprised when it was completed.

Because the CUE Guide staff was unsure if the Web page would be completed, it was not mentioned in the published version, Wolf said.

However, this incarnation of the CUE Web page is by no means the final one, Fields said. In the future, the Web page might replace the published book altogether.

For the time being, Fields said he thinks the book and the Web page complement each other well.

The Web page may someday also include histograms to serve as visual illustrations of data, he said.

A few days into shopping week, many students were surprised to learn that the page existed.

But those who have visited the page have like it, Wolf said. Students especially seem to like the rotating "Q's" at the top of the page, she added.

"I wanted to add a little pizzazz to it if I could," Fields said.

The CUE Guide Web page can be reached through the Harvard College web page through the link titled "Academic Life." The address is http:\\\~cu