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Quiz for the Weekend


No Problem sets or section papers yet? Suffering from academic withdrawal?

Welcome to The Harvard Crimson Quiz for the Weekend, a thoughtful combination of University trivia and lunacy.

(Answers appear on this page).

1. What did Boston Magazine dub President Rudenstine in 1992?

a) one of the city's best-paid men

b) one of the city's sexiest men

c) administrator of the year

d) best-dressed in 1992

2. Which headline did NOT run in The Crimson in 1969?

a) "Faculty Accepts Rosovsky Report, Starts New Afro-American Degree"

b) "Students Occupy University Hall, Eject Deans, Staff From Offices"

c) "Harvard Doctor Says Pot Harms Less Than Alcohol"

d) "Harvard Tops U.S. News and World Report Listings"

3. In The Harvard Game: 350 Years of Trivia (a board game made in celebration of the school's 350th anniversary), players may land on all of the following spaces except:

a) "Got drunk for the first time! Advance 3."

b) "Buy all your books at The Coop. Lose a turn."

c) "Bad lottery number. Do not pass river houses. Go directly to Quad."

d) "Caught with a fire extinguisher. Ad Board sends you back to start."

4. Norman K. Mailer'43 concentrated in:

a) engineering

b) folklore and mythology

c) biochemistry

d) Slavic studies

5. Who wrote the carol "O Little Town of Bethlehem?"

a) John Grays

b) Phillips Brooks

c) Cotton Mather

d) Virginia Canaday

6. Who wrote, "I feel lucky and privileged to have earned my living with my imagination since graduation and I am ever-grateful to Fair Harvard for cultivating my conscience," in his class Anniversary Report?

a) Yo-Yo Ma'76

b) Tommy Lee Jones'69

c) Conan C. O'Brien'85

d) Al Gore'69

7. What advice is NOT included in the 1930s Guidebook for Harvard Men article titled, "How to Behave Afterdark?"

a) "If you eat in a night club or restaurant, it is not a bad idea to ask to be taken through the kitchen."

b) "Never let a cab driver suggest a night club for you to go to."

c) "If you wish to impress your date, tip the waiter before and after the meal."

d) "If you expect to do a lot of drinking, order a steak first. You will last longer."

8. Which course was NOT included in the 1911-12 course catalog?

a) Business 35: "Life Insurance"

b) Forestry 9: "Forest Products"

c) Engineering 10: "Blacksmithing"

d) Biology 20: "Excretion"

9. Which is not a title of an endowed Faculty chair?

a) McKay Professor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering

b) Jurzykowski Professor of Natural Sciences

c) Mangelsdorf Professor of Natural Sciences

d) Bowditch Professor of Central American and Mexican Archaeology and Ethnology

ANSWERS: 1.b,2.d,3.b,4.a,5.b,6.b,7.c,8.d,9.a.

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