Fellow Interns Say Lewinsky Behaved Normally During White House Stay

While the national media is flooded with reports of the most recent sex scandal to plague President Clinton, Harvard students who interned at the White House say they observed nothing out of the ordinary in 21-year-old Monica Lewinsky's relationship with the President.

Allegations that Clinton had an affair with the former intern are the result of 17 cassette tapes of conversations between Lewinsky and another former White House aide, Linda Tripp, during which Lewinsky discusses the alleged sexual relationship.

Harvard students interning at the White House at the same time as Lewinsky said they observed no indications of a sexual relationship with the President.


Jessica D. Luterman '98, an intern in the personnel security department at the White House, said she knew Lewinsky through a friend.

"I sort of knew her," Luterman said "She was a friend of a friend."


According to Luterman, "[Lewinsky] seemed nice and was definitely psyched to be in D.C."

Another former intern, who wished to remain anonymous, characterized Lewinsky in the same light. "She was friendly overall and always nice enough to say hello when we passed in hallways," the source said.

Neither Luterman nor the anonymous source observed Lewinsky around the President any more than other interns.

"She wasn't around the President more than anyone else--interns take every opportunity to meet the President," Luterman said.

After working in the White House since the summer of 1995, Lewinsky obtained a job in April 1996 working for Kenneth Bacon, the lead spokesperson at the Pentagon.

According to Time Magazine, longtime Clinton friend, Vernon Jordan, admitted he "guided" Lewinsky to private sector jobs at American Express and Revlon.

However, many former interns said getting White House help in obtaining government jobs is not out of the ordinary.

"My supervisors have been very helpful in finding employment opportunities for me," said Daniel M. Loss '00, a former intern.

"One of my bosses was a former intern," Luterman said. "Pretty much anyone can get some type of a job if you put some time into the campaign."

The scandal has also resulted in some speculation that Clinton gave gifts to Lewinsky.

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