Cellucci, Harshbarger Enter Final Stretch

In a wild Halloween weekend including ghosts, goblins and political train trips, gubernational candidates A. Paul Cellucci and L. Scott Harshbarger '64 cranked up their campaigns as they hit the homestretch to tomorrow's election.

Acting Governor Cellucci sped across the Merrimack Valley on fourcar train tour of the state, while State Attorney General Harshbarger stayed in the Boston area, visiting football games and Halloween parties. Both were trying to solidify their bases and capture the undecided voter block.

In a Boston Globe/WBZ-TV poll of 400 voters last week, Cellucci was clinging to a narrow lead with 46 percent to Harshbarger's 41 percent.

While Cellucci's lead has not shifted significantly, his lead is tenuous because of the 5 percent margin of error and the 9 percent who said they were undecided.

Political Football


Harshbarger attended football games in Somerville, Cambridge and Everett, but his closest connection was in Cambridge.

While he worked the crowd at Russell Field, watching the game between the Cambridge Rindge and Latin Falcons and the Malden Tornadoes, his allegiance was clearly with the Falcons.

Harshbarger, a former Harvard football running back, continues the family football legacy with his son, Mike, who is the Falcons' defensive coordinator.

While he joked with voters that he could not cheer for Malden, he immediately turned serious when asked about his election chances.

"Each time I've run I've been behind and I've pulled it out," he said.

He stressed the importance of efforts to get the Democratic voter base out to the polls this year. Without a Senate race and with the Eighth District uncompetitive, people have less incentive to come out to the polls.

"I think the get-out-the-vote effort among labor unions, college students and large urban areas will be key," he said.

Harshbarger also attacked Cellucci for leading an administration with no plans for the future. "We've an acting governor who is coasting. We can do better," he said.

Harshbarger was also critical of Cellucci's campaign advertising tactics. "He has bent reality and the truth," he said.

Harshbarger supporter and state representative Alice Wolf (D-Cambridge), who attended the Russell Field game, emphasized the grass-roots effort of the campaign.