Crimson Wisdom

The winners and losers of the week at Harvard and beyond.

Randy 'Macho Man' Savage

WCW icon redefines Man of Year Parade. Anyone for a Slim Jim?

Kirkland House Olympians

Do you believe in miracles? Allison J. Mleczco '97-'99 and Sandra L. Whyte '92 bring home the gold in women's hockey.

Harvard Yard Mail Center


Flood waters burst through the window, damaging packages. Where's Jack Dawson when we need him?

Dean Lewis

Thirty years after proposing to wife Marlyn, gets down on his knees once more at Kroks-Pitches jam, Sweet guy!

The Harvard Chess Club

Victorious at Amateur Team Eastern Championships. Almost makes us want to rent "Searching For Bobby Fischer." --The editorial board

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