Aid May Sway Harvard Hopefuls

University officials have pledged to studyHarvard's aid policies closely, but for the momentare sticking by their current plan.

While Jeremy R. Knowles, dean of the Faculty ofArts and Sciences, would not specifically commenton the possibility of students being drawn awayfrom Harvard, he did reaffirm Harvard's statedpolicy of offering competitive aid.

Associate Provost Dennis Thompson says theUniversity is "not going to let financial aidoffers from other institutions be the reason thatsomebody decides not to [come to Harvard]."

But while administrators make policy inCambridge, the burden of reassuring the guidancecounselors of America usually falls to the Officeof Admissions.

In that office, Director of Admissions MarlynMcGrath Lewis '70 says her office has beenfielding calls since Princeton's announcement overa month ago.


"A number of counselors have talked to me andasked me if I'm aware of these changes, and I amsure that we are as ready as ever to meet thecosts," Lewis says.

James M. Cocola, Tara L. Colon, William B.Decherd, Rosalind S. Helderman, Jenny E. Heller,Jie Li, Chris H. Kwak, Andrew K. Mandel, BarbaraE. Martinez, Laura E. Rosenbaum, Sadie H. Sanchezand Alexandra M. Silva contributed to thereporting of this article.CrimsonRoss J. Fleischman

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