Bush Reflects on Successes, Failures of White House Years

Eli discusses alleged Clinton sexual impropriety

Bush said he didn't want to see such a scandal turn "good people" into cynics.

"I believe public service is a noble calling, and good people must get involved,' he said.

Bush began to criticize the "intrusive nature of the national press" as partly responsible for the "rancor" on Washington, but he cut himself short, saying he was advised that bashing the press is "beneath him."

"As Dana Carvey says," Bush said, waving his index finger and exaggerating his own inflections, "Not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent."

Bush also addressed the current state of the U.S. military in light of the end of the Cold War.


"The enemy is unpredictability, instability, international terrorism, narcotics traffic and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction," Bush said.

"We must not let down our guard, and we can't be a moral force unless our armed forces are credible," he said.

The recent nuclear tests in India and Pakistan also drew comments from Bush. "We can't sit back," he said, suggesting that both diplomatic negotiations and sanctions as options.

"We need to talk sense to India and Pakistan and have it stop," Bush said.

According to Bush, China's reaction is also crucial to resolving the tensions in the Asian sub-continent.

In other military matters, Bush was critical of Clinton's legacy, calling his policy toward the Middle East, "not even-handed."

Bush described his own actions in the Middle East as one of his greatest accomplishments during his term.

"History will look to Desert Storm," Bush said. "We did it with honor. We upheld the integrity of the White House."

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