love~Struck Seniors Tie the Knot

For Vinh Q. Chung '98 and fiancée Leisle I. Chung, who met during the summer before their senior year of high school, The Game takes on particular importance. At the same time that Vinh Chung headed from his Arkansas home to Harvard, Leisle Chung made the leap to New Haven.

"We thought it would be good to be separate at first," Vinh Chung says. "If we had come to the same college, I wouldn't have had a social life."

The two met at an Arkansas summer program for academically talented rising high school seniors. Vinh Chung remembers Leisle as quiet, but as the couple got to know each other, he says they became quick friends.

"Her last name was also Chung, which was the one thing I really noticed at first," he says. "Being from Arkansas there aren't that many people named Chung."

Throughout their senior year, the Chungs wrote letters to each other every day. Vinh Chung says he still has all the letters Leisle wrote him, and he knows she saved his letters.


"We'll sit together and read them someday," he says.

The couple will be married August 22 in Arkansas. After a honeymoon, they will head to Scotland to study for a year.

`I Said No. Loudly'

The first two times Fairah B. Kahn asked Osvaldo E. Pereira '98 to go out with her, he said no.

The couple met during their first year of high school when they both participated in athletic decathlon.

"She was asking me over to her house to study. She was asking me over as a pretext," Pereira says. "I said no--I thought it was too risqué."

Over the next three years, Pereira says he knew Kahn, but it was she who maintained their contact.

"She was observing my life silently from the sidelines. She kept informed about developments in my life," he says.

During their senior year, Pereira asked Kahn to a high school dance. Under pressure from her parents, she turned him down. When she later asked him to go bowling one day out of the blue, Pereira turned her down out of bitterness.

"I said no. Loudly, so that other people in the classroom could hear," he remembers. "I had liked her for some time, but I was insecure."

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