love~Struck Seniors Tie the Knot

After digging both the hat and the ring out of the trash, Kahn roared her loving approval.

The wedding will be held on June 28 in Southern California. The two had hoped to elope to the Italian valley where Pereira's grandparents were married, but all four parents vetoed the international wedding plan.

After the wedding, the high school sweethearts will live together in New York City next year.

BS2 Bonding

Pre-frosh weekend is a time for learning about Harvard, attending classes and, of course, meeting people.


For one senior couple, the emphasis was on the last. Mallar Bhattacharya '98 and Devi SenGupta '98, now engaged, were first introduced at the A Capella Jam.

"I knew right away we had a lot in common. We both had an interest in Indian classical music," he says. "My theory is that she came to Harvard over Stanford for me, but she denies it."

But SenGupta remembers their pre-frosh encounter slightly differently.

"I remember thinking he was pretty good-looking, but kind of clueless. He just started asking questions right away about my hobbies and stuff," she remembers. "It wasn't the typical way of hitting on someone."

The two met again when school started in the fall, but didn't become good friends until they took Biological Sciences 2: "Organismic and Evolutionary Biology," together in the fall of their sophomore year.

"We would sit together every day in the second row. We studied together," SenGupta says. "During reading period I got free movie passes. We went to see Sense and Sensibility, which is something about friends becoming more then friends."

The pair began talking about dating after the movie and became an item soon after.

Both say their families' approval of the match, which was quick in arriving, was of crucial importance to the relationship.

"It strengthened my interest that he got along well with my mom," SenGupta says. "They would talk on the phone. She has a final say about everything."

The proposal was as typically Harvard as the couple's meeting. Bhattacharya says he foundered thinking of a creative way to pop the question, until a friend suggested that he ask at the Eliot Fete.

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