Deans Tosteson, Clark Among Highest-Paid U. Officials

Harvard's four VPs earn more than $200K each

It pays to be at Harvard.

Last year five professors earned close to $2 million in salary and other benefits, according to tax returns filed with the Attorney General's office in May.

The returns list the compensation for Harvard's five highest-earning non-officers, as well as the earnings of top administrators.

And while President Neil L. Rudenstine made an impressive $270,057--not including his house, car and driver--his salary didn't quite match those of the University's best-paid professors.

At the top of the list, former dean of the Medical School (HMS) and Walker Professor of Cell Biology Daniel C. Tosteson '47 raked in $330,000 in salary alone. Tosteson, who has since retired, also made the highest faculty salary last year.


Dean of the Business School Kim B. Clark '74, who is also Figgie Professor of Business Administration, closely followed Tosteson. Clark made $225,000.

Peter M. Howley, Fabyan Professor of Comparative Pathology and head of pathology at HMS, was paid more than any other professor outside the administration. He made $248,230.


Elizabeth Warren, Gottlieb professor of law, also repeated as a top-salary teacher. Warren not only made $192,550 in pure salary, but she also walked away with an additional $133,453 in "other compensation"--which included a faculty mortgage subsidy, housing allowance, moving expenses and imputed interest.

Joseph J. Stern, a fellow at the Harvard Institute for International Development, made $150,115 in salary, and his additional allowances for housing and overseas taxes weighed in at $199,624.

Harvard's administrators also continued to fare well. The University's four full-time vice presidents all made more than $200,000.

Even beyond the range of Harvard's superstars, the University appears to pay well. The returns list more than 3,200 employees who are paid over $50,000 a year. Top Dollar Source: 1998 Federal Tax returns For Harvard's best paid officials, teaching has its rewards.

Name  Salary Daniel C. Tosteson  $330,000 Former HMS Dean Neil L. Rudenstine  270,057 President Kim B. Clark  255,000 HBS Dean Peter M. Howley  248,230 HMS Professor Elizabeth Warren  192,550 HLS Professor Joseph J. Stern  150,115 HIID Fellow

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