Cambridge Police Blotter

The following events were listed in the Cambridge Police Department blotter from Sept. 10 to Sept. 19.

Sept. 10

An unidentified male was arrested for stealing two pairs of jeans from the Jax clothing store on Mass. Ave. The store owner claims the suspect was the same man who entered the store earlier, tried to steal three pairs of jeans and knocked over an employee.

Sept. 11

A woman reports that her handbag was stolen while she was checking her e-mail at CyberSmith located at 42 Church St.

A Washington D.C. resident reports that someone stole a $3,500 computer from the back of his car, which was parked at the intersection of Eliot and JFK Streets.

Sept. 12

A resident of 51 Howard St. reports that a resident of 27 Dartmouth St. said he would "kick her ass and kill her."

Sept. 14

A 74-year-old woman reports that while she was walking alone on Garden Street at 4:30 p.m. an unknown male grabbed her purse and fled, stealing her naturalization papers and cash.

Sept. 16

A resident of Forest Street reports that he and his girlfriend were involved in a break-up and both were worried that one would steal the other's property.

Sept. 17

A Cambridge resident reports that while drinking coffee at Starbucks on Church Street, a male, about 5'10" and 140 lbs-possibly a transvestite-leaned over her pocket book. Later the victim noticed items were missing.

Sept. 18

An employee 840 Memorial Dr. reports that while at work she placed her wristwatch in an area frequented by other employees. Later, she remembered she had taken off her watch and returned to the area, finding the watch gone. She described the watch as Tiffany watch worth $1,895.

Sept. 19

A Cambridge resident reports that another car nearly hit her vehicle. The driver of the other car exited the vehicle and said, "Get your ass out of the fucking car or I'll splatter blood on it."