Steinem Urges Feminists to Include Men in Their Battles

Gloria Steinem, co-founder of Ms. Magazine and one of the most prominent modern feminists, explored the connections between religion and gender politics at the Institute of Politics on Saturday.

Steinem's lecture was part of the Women and Public Policy Program's day-long symposium on Women, Religion and Public Policy.

The audience of 400 consisted of symposium attendants and Harvard students.

"She is so well known--probably falsely--for an extremist position, and I wanted to hear what she really wants," said Georgianna P. Powell '39.

Most of Steinem's address touched on the symposium's themes, first, religion.

"I still find that religion is too often politics made sacred," she said.

She cautioned the audience not to overuse religious arguments in policy debates.

Steinem criticized the use of scriptural arguments in the debate surrounding abortion, for example.

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