Harvard Quarterback Passes With Ease

At most of America's colleges, Brad Wilford '00 would be the undisputed Big Man on Campus.

He'd date the head cheerleader, drive the reddest Corvette in the parking lot, and wear his varsity letter jacket to sleep each night--all while pulling straight As.

He is, after all, the football team's starting quarterback.


But this is Harvard. Here, barely 5 percent of the student body can identify Wilford without his jersey, and most of his classmates scoff at the notion of a "Big Man on Campus."

Who has the time to follow football anyway?

If they took the time, Harvard students would see a bunch of hard-working guys whose schedules are just as hectic as theirs: balancing practices, meetings and classes. And no one handles it better than the starting quarterback.

Instead of having a fall schedule packed with lectures, problem sets and student group meetings, Wilford spends his time reviewing game films, practicing with the team and finding time to study. Along the way, he's accomplished something many Harvard students have not--he's found a way to get it all done without much sweat.

Wilford prides himself on being more relaxed than your high school's starting quarterback ever was. He enjoys taking late breakfasts of pancakes and eggs and says one of his most important goals is to get eight to 10 hours of sleep each night.

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