Mix-Up Stymies Owl Club Punch Plans

Dressed to the nines in tuxedoes and bow ties, dresses and heels, over 100 people headed for the Owl final club's booze cruise Wednesday night. But their ship never left port.

The punch event--meant to introduce potential members to current members of the Owl--began in the Owl basement with a keg and some champagne. Then group headed for the cruise.

But when the two packed buses pulled up to the pier, the boat was there, but the crew was nowhere in sight.


"We showed up and there was no one on the boat. It was dark," said one sophomore punch.

Punchmaster John C. Portman '01 said the problem stemmed from a misunderstanding between the club and the company.

Although the Owl had scheduled the event for Oct. 20, the company had planned the cruisef for Oct. 22.

"It was an unfortunate occurrence," Portman said. "In a punch season we're trying to show the punches a good time. This hurts the club because you want everyone to have a good time."

The sophomore punch said the officers of the club frantically grabbed their cellular phones and tried to work out a contingency plan.

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