OEB, EPS Tenure Professor

Charles R. Marshall, professor of biology and geology, is the newest tenured Faculty member of both the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology.

Marshall arrived at Harvard after eight years in a tenured position at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

His teaching and research focuses on the nature and causes of evolutionary innovation, extinction over geological time scales and paleontology.


The search for a new professor did not occur overnight.

"We literally looked all over the world, and Professor Marshall stood out as outstanding," said Butler Professor of Environmental Studies Michael B. McElroy, who is chair of the earth and planetary sciences department.

In addition to the graduate courses he will be teaching in the spring, Marshall said he hopes to teach a Core course on one of his favorite subjects: dinosaurs.

"I want to show undergraduates the interesting relationship between dinosaurs and how they were introduced into the evolutionary world," Marshall said.

McElroy said he thinks this would be an excellent addition to the Core curriculum, as it was a very popular course at UCLA.

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