Council to Rent Buses to Groups for The Game

Rented rides to supplement regular shuttle service

In addition to its regular shuttle bus service to Yale before The Game, the Undergraduate Council for the first time is allowing student groups and House committees to rent entire buses for their groups.

The council is charging $13 for one-way tickets and $20 for round-trip tickets to students buying tickets individually. Those groups wishing to rent a bus must pay for the entire bus, but can then sell individual bus tickets at whatever price they choose.

Buses will go to Yale on Friday and Saturday morning. They will return Saturday evening and Sunday.


Andre V. Moura '03, an organizer of the council's busing efforts, said the council negotiated a special price with the Brush Hill Transportation bus company due to the large volume of business.

"Individual groups wouldn't have gotten as good of a price," said.

Several House committees, including the Pforzheimer House Committee, have already asked the council about renting buses.

Residents of Pforzheimer House had already expressed significant interest in renting a House bus before they learned of the council's plans, according to Manuel A. Garcia '00, Pforzheimer House Committee president. The House now plans to rent one from council.

Pforzheimer residents praised the idea of a bus all their own.

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