Imposter Withdraws From Extension School

Edward F. Meinert Jr., the Harvard Extension School student who had been posing as a Harvard undergraduate earlier this month, withdrew from the Extension School on Friday, according to University officials.

Christopher S. Queen, dean of students at the Extension School, said that he contacted Meinert by e-mail, asking him to respond to the allegations of misrepresentation made last week.


Meinert replied, saying that he was "ashamed of his behavior" and that he would be withdrawing from the Extension School, according to Queen.


The Extension School registrar's office confirmed Friday that Meinert had withdrawn from all classes that he was enrolled in, formally ending his status as an Extension School student.

The Adminstrative Board of the Extension School met on Friday to discuss Meinert's case. Since the Extension Schoool has an open-enrollment policy, the board must decide whether or not Meinert should be indefinitely suspended from the Extension School or required to petition to re-enroll.

Queen did not release any information about the outcome of the Ad Board proceeding because of confidentiality concerns.

Since Meinert volunatrily withdrew from the Extension School, Harvard University does not plan to take any further action against him.

"It's like he didn't exist," said Sally A. Baker, assistant director of news and public affairs.

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