A Seasoned School Committee

Simmons has said her focus for the new term will be examining the audit's results and then focusing on reallocating funds toward closing the achievement gap.

Though they come from varying demographics, candidates across the board stand poised to attack this gap.

In a candidate forum last month, Walser cited sociological evidence to argue that the single best predictor of a child's academic success is the mother's level of education.


Turkel criticized the current system of parent aid to schools, under which schools request donations from parents, on the grounds that parents in some neighborhoods are far better equipped to pay up--a factor that only widens the rift.

Segat also said she would focus on reforming budget allocation.

Though she now lives in the affluent Agassiz neighborhood, she has said her parents, Argentinian immigrants who didn't speak much English, had little money when she was growing up.

Segat points to this background in explaining her support for after-school programs, attributing her academic and personal success to "caring teachers who were willing to stay after school and teach me."

But if the district does implement those programs, Segat will push to keep it simple.

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