Fifteen Minutes: The Fifteen Hottest Harvard Profs

Lino Pertile Romance Languages (Prof) Lit. and Arts A-26, "Dante's Divine Comedy and Its World" "With a rich Italian accent,
By Alicia A. Carrasquillo, Sarah L. Gore, and Samuel Hornblower

Lino Pertile

Romance Languages (Prof)

Lit. and Arts A-26, "Dante's Divine Comedy and Its World"

"With a rich Italian accent, he lulls women into falling in love with him...His deep voice is like a drug... a specialist in the infernal regions."

Eric Jacobsen

Chemistry (Prof)

Chemistry 30, "Organic Chemistry"

"Every girl I know in that class wants him...many go to office hours in slinky outfits... At least three very attractive girls I know have attempted to hook up with him...a definite player."

Lisa Carbone

Mathematics (Asst Prof)

Mathematics 101, "Sets, Maps, and Symmetry Groups"

"For a math professor not bad at all...pretty good body, seriously."

David Frank

Sociology (Assc Prof)

Sociology 10, "Introduction to Sociology"

"He has a chiseled physique, tight shirts, and voice volume modulation skills."

Michael Sandel

Government (Prof)

Moral Reasoning 22, "Justice"

"Dresses like a pimp, acts like a pimp, and could probably morally justify pimping."

Henry Louis "Skip" Gates Jr.

Afro-American Studies (Prof)

Af. Am. 137y, "The African American Literary Tradition"

"Cute and cuddly, you just want to wrap your arms around him and give him a big hug."

Gregory Nagy

Classics (Prof)

Lit. and Arts C-14, "Concept of the Hero in Greek Civililzation"

"Though not the most photogenic, Boston Magazine selected him one of Boston's sexiest men...a few years ago."

Michael Smith

Computer Science (Assc Prof)

CS 141, "Computing Hardware"

"His pecs could teach his classes for him... Let me tell you this guy is pretty buff. He is built solid. Check him out."

Svetlana Boym

Slavic Language & Literature (Prof)

Foreign Cultures 72, "Russian Culture from Revolution to Perestroika"

"Svetlana--the name says it all."

Doris Sommer

Romance Languages (Prof)

Literature and Arts A-24,

"Foundational Fictions"

"Will only be seen in leather..."

Robert Nozick

Philosophy (Prof)

Philos. 143, "Truth and Necessity"

"Tall, dark and sexy, he can take liberties with me any time. ...A sort of Ric Flair look."

Roger Porter

Government (Prof)

Government 1540, "The American Presidency"

"Blue eyes that are so serene you get lost in them."

Harvey Mansfield

Government (Prof)

Government 1061, "History of Political Thought"

"He looked pretty good on the cover of Harvard Magazine."

Jesse Matz

English (Asst Prof)

English 192m, "Modernism"

"Way hotter than Mansfield. He is younger, better looking, looks like a GQ cover every day."

Derek Pearsall

English (Prof)

English 10a, "Major British Writers I"

"A little old, but he can still charm the bloomers off The Wife of Bath."