Pudding Royally Roasts Jackson

`Pulp Fiction' actor crowned Man of the Year

Jackson said he hoped to continue to make hiswife and daughter proud and to "keep making youall happy, and do work that really affectsaudiences."

In a press conference following the ceremony,Jackson praised the members of the Theatricals.

"The kids have been so warm and open," he said."We spoke as equals about the world of theater andwhere they want to go and how I got where I am."

He also spoke about his roles in "Pulp Fiction"and "Jackie Brown," and about working withdirector Quentin Tarantino.

"Fortunately, [Tarantino's] films come from avoice that speaks honestly, respectfully anddoesn't always say the same thing," he said. "Ithink that people like to be mystified and not beable to predict what is coming next in a film."


Regarding his Pudding Pot, Jackson said he wasnot sure where it would go in his house, leavingthat decision up to his wife.

"I no longer dream of an Academy Award, and nowI have my Pudding Pot," he quipped.

Jackson is beginning work on a new film withTommy Lee Jones '69, a military courtroom dramacalled "Rules of Engagement." Jackson plays amarine colonel who is being court-marshaled formurder.

Jackson's award comes one week after theTheatricals' Woman of the Year ceremony, whichthis year honored Goldie Hawn