German Government Honors Maier

The German government honored Krupp Foundation Professor of European Studies and Director of the Center for European Studies Charles S. Maier '60 yesterday for his work as a historian focusing on contemporary German and European history.

Dr. P. Christian Hauswedell, the German Consul General for New England, presented the award to Maier.

Maier, who is on leave this year, was awarded with the Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. The award has also been given to two other Harvard faculty members in previous years, Richard M. Hunt, senior lecturer in social studies, and Buttenwieser University Professor Stanley H. Hoffman.

Jeffrey W. Vanke, a GSAS student, said Maier is an excellent teacher and advisor.

"He is a very conscientious advisor in the very crucial stages of graduate school. He is a very good, challenging teacher who never leaves you complacent with your own intellectual presumptions," Vanke said.


Maier thanked the Center during his acceptance speech.

"I am very touched by receiving this Commander's Cross," he said. "It is a privilege to have a role in this institution [the Center for European Studies]."

Hauswedell spoke of Maier's record of outstanding scholarly work on Germany when presenting the award to Maier.

"He is a historian with passion. He has contributed a lot to the understanding of Germans to Americans, but to Germans as well," said Hauswedell.

Next year, Maier will teach a core class, Historical Study B-53, "World War and Society in the 20th Century: World War I," and History 1417, "Italy Since 1796."

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