Another Cambridge store was hit by what police call a "smash and grab" robbery on Feb. 26. Cambridge police officers responded to a commercial alarm at a futon store at 880 Mass. Ave near Central Square.

Officers reported they observed the store's front window cracked open. A search of the premises revealed that a television from a display window had been stolen.

Two weeks ago, a burglar broke into a jewelry store on Church St. and stole watches.


In both incidents, police have not made any arrests.

So far this year, the Cambridge Police Department (CPD) has reported eight "smash and grabs" in and around Harvard Square all of which occurred between 10:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m.


According to a crime trend report, the CPD believes the crimes are connected.

"The unseen burglar has struck every weekend this year, save Valentine's Day," the report notes.

Several of the break-ins happened along Mt, Auburn St. near Holyoke Center. Two others happened on Brattle St., right in the center of the Square.

According to CPD reports: wallet and purse thefts from restaurants are another Square crime trend.

At about 2:30 a.m. on Feb. 25, a Harvard student's wallet was stolen from inside Tommy's Pizza on Mt. Auburn St., according to the CPD.

The wallet contained her ATM card, cash, Harvard I.D. and state driver's license.

"In the typical scenario," a CPD report states, " a female diner leaves her purse under, next to, or slung over the back of her seat. While she is eating, a thief sneaks up from behind and takes the purse, or takes the wallet from the purse. This crime also befalls men who hang their coats--with wallets or cellular telephones in the coat pockets--over the backs of their chairs."

Since Jan. 1, 11 thefts have been reported to police on Church St., JFK St., and Brattle St.

The following is a selection from the police blotters of the Harvard and Cambridge police departments:

February 28

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