Council Pledges $25K Towards Student Center

It took five months, a survey and countless dining hall conversations. But the $40,000 question has finally been answered.

After three hours of debate on other bills, the council quickly voted to allocate $25,000 of the infamous surplus--discovered in a forgotten account last fall--towards the construction of a student center.

$10,000 will be used to create a grant fund for campus-wide events, and the remaining $5,000 will be used to buy a new sound system.


The council arrived at its decisions after learning the results of a survey conducted last week about what to do with the money. The survey presented eight options for the money, ranging from extra support for Springfest to new exercise machines for the Malkin Athletic Center.


According to the survey, using the money towards a student center is the most popular option, with 42.6 percent of those polled ranking it as their first choice.

"It's pretty clear that the student center is the choice of students," said Ryan E. Dorris '00, the legislation's co-sponsor.

Council member Samuel C. Cohen '00 said the $25,000 gesture is intended as a symbolic statement about the need for a student center, which would need much more money before it is built.

"What it says to the administration is that we're willing to put our money behind it and not just asking the University to put their money behind it," said Cohen, who also co-sponsored the bill.

He said the $10,000 will be used to establish a fund for special events will help increase campus unity.

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