BLee-ve It!

Spring Game Last Fling for Seniors

The Harvard football team's Spring Game on Saturday marked the end of spring practice for the players on the field. But for the seniors in the stands, it was the finale of their era in Harvard football.

The seniors were part of the 1997 Ivy championship team, although last season was rougher at 4-6. Saturday morning, they were gathered again as teammates, maybe for the last time.

They arrived at the Stadium around 9 a.m., lugging a keg up into the stands. As they set up shop at the 20-yard line of the open end of The Stadium, most of them watched a Harvard football game from a new position--the bleachers.

But if you expected them to be philosophical as their relationship with the game they loved changed from active participant to fan, well, you'd have been disappointed. They were there to have a good time.

As the intra-squad game continued on the field they had played on for four years, they relaxed, boozed, and got to watch a game just like the rest of us.

Guard Mike Shreve, All-Ivy First Team last season, was one of the more outwardly exuberant of the lot--"We've got tons of time to booze it!" he informed his former teammates as they sweated on the turf.

Halftime came, but Shreve didn't take a break. "Zebras, you suck!" he informed the officials. "You're costing us the game!"

At the time, Harvard was leading Harvard, 7-0.

"Zebras, you guys are done!" sent the refs on their way.

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