Council Closes Out the Term

Amendments to downsize and rename the council both failed, Redmond says

With ROTC, downsizing and divestment finally set aside, the members of the Undergraduate Council largely focused on congratulating themselves last night, at their final meeting of the term.

In the midst of the back-patting, the council did manage to pass one bill. A measure to have undergraduate diplomas printed in Latin was approved with little debate.

The bill, sponsored by Eric M. Nelson '99, was also passed last year in similar form but was tabled by a College administration that knew that diplomas would eventually change anyway to reflect a final Harvard-Radcliffe relationship.

College administrators and the Faculty Council must still approve the measure, but Nelson said he was confident the classics would return to undergraduate diplomas.

Alexis B. Karteron '01 spoke against the bill, saying students she spoke to would rather have their diploma in English.

"I'd like to be able to read my diploma," she said.

Despite Karteron's objections, the bill passed easily.

In other council business, Redmond announced that both constitutional amendments introduced last week, one concerning dropping the "Radcliffe" from the council's official name and another which proposed downsizing the council, had both failed.

"We tried," Seton said after hearing the results of the downsizing vote, an issue he has championed for most of his term.

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