Illingworth Chosen to Fill Epps' Position

Associate Director of Financial Aid David P. Illingworth '71 will become the new Associate Dean of Harvard College this July, assuming the "overall responsibility for student extracurricular affairs and other aspects of student life," Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis '68 announced this week.

Archie C. Epps III was Dean of Students while Illingworth was an undergraduate, and Illingworth said he still has much to learn from the man who performs most of the duties his new job involves.

Illingworth said he is not certain which projects he will pursue and plans on using the coming months to talk to student leaders and familiarize himself with the post.

Although Illingworth--who is also an Episcopal priest--has not held a position similar to the new job before, Lewis said his work in the admissions and financial aid office will serve him well when dealing with students.

"You learn a lot about student problems by being a financial aid officer for a long time, and you also learn about people's problems by being a cleric, a priest, which he also has been," Lewis said.


Unlike Lewis, Epps and the other Associate Deans, Illingworth will live at Harvard, in an apartment adjacent to Pforzheimer House. Lewis said he hopes the nearby location will help make Illingworth a "presence on campus."

"There's a lot of night work in this position," he added.

Illingworth has worked at Harvard since he came to the admissions office in 1981.

While the College conducted a nationwide search for the candidates, Lewis said Illingworth's familiarity with the College wasan asset the search committee considered.

"This is a complicated place," Lewis said."There are lots of principles we have about howthe College is run that are not the same in otherplaces."

Lewis said Illingworth's background evaluatingstudents' musical work for the admissions officewill also help him interact with studentperformers.

"He can deal with the whole performing arts,music and drama world," Lewis said. "Those are bigextracurricular areas with big responsibilitiesfor students."

Lewis said he expects Illingworth will formstronger connections between the College andtheater groups, such as the American RepertoryTheater and Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club.

Director of the Office of Arts at Radcliffe andHarvard Myra A. Mayman--who has worked withIllingworth on the organization's music lessonsubsidy program--said Illingworth will probablyenjoy interacting with student groups.

"He has a deep love of music," Mayman said.

"He's generally ebuillient and has a greatsense of humor," she added. "He laughs at the dropof a hat."

Illingworth's appointment fills the finaladministrative slot in the revamped Collegestructure that Lewis created after Epps announcedhis resignation earlier this year.

Thomas A. Dingman '67 and Georgene B.Herschbach will also serve as Associate Deans,with Dingman focusing on athletics, advising andhealth and Herschbach on finance, technology andclassroom space.

Susan T. Cooke, the College's coordinator ofstudent activities, "will continue many of the dayto day management tasks" associated with studentactivities under Illingworth, Lewis said

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