Harvard 2100

'I See Water': Harvard and the Psychic Connection

Fast-forward 100 years. What will the Harvard of the future look like? Will students fly from class to class in metal space pods? Will the Harvard campus be an abandoned ghost town of ruins after World War Three? Will people flock from galaxies around to pray to William James Hall?

Anyone who worries for Harvard's future can now rest assured. Psychic medium and North Cambridge resident John Holland, who was featured on "Unsolved Mysteries" earlier this year because of the unusual talents he acquired after a car accident seven years ago, says, "The core of Harvard is safe."

After flipping through pages of various Harvard publications, Holland divined images of what Harvard will be and look like in 2100.

Some of the things Holland forecasted seemed to affirm the actions and statements of current administrators, who view their job as more than managing the day-to-day functions of the college, but ensuring its viability and, in the case of this august place, prominence in the years, decades and centuries to come.


Water World

A more ominous prediction Holland offers is the increased prominence that water will hold on the Harvard campus.

"Immediately what I was getting, before looking at a map, [was] something where the water is going to go through Harvard," he says.

And Holland cautions that he did not mean water fountains: "The Charles or something is going to be incorporated through Harvard."

Although he was not sure if the water would be in the middle of the Yard, he said there will definitely be a water system flowing through the Cambridge campus.

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