Undergrads Provide Book-Buying Alternative web site offers price comparison

In years past, he says, there weren't alternatives to the Coop.

Today, he said, with online booksellers cropping up left and right, lower prices are out there, but can take time to find.

Advertisement picked the five sites that consistently had the best prices, large selections and were able to ship quickly.

After putting in considerable man-hours over the summer establishing the site, the three friends organized an advertising campaign last week, to plaster posters across the campus and drop flyers in door boxes.

And the campaign seems to be working. As of early yesterday morning, the site had logged around 400 hits in its first four days, said Schleier-Smith and Tseng.

"That was sort of surprising to us, since classes hadn't started yet," Tseng said.

The site's catchy pun of a name, originally Geiger's idea, has no doubt drawn many would-be buyers.

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