Undergrads Provide Book-Buying Alternative web site offers price comparison

"I thought it was a silly name, so I decided to look," Lindsey E. Gulden '00 said.

She did, and though she hasn't purchased anything yet, Gulden said she will use the site soon.

"I think it's a fabulous idea," she said of the site. "It saves a lot of time."


One feature not offered on the site is a listing of Coop prices for the books--a gap that some users have noticed.

"It would be nice to see the Coop's prices just to know how much we're saving," Marissa Ocegueda '00 said.

The site's founders say they are considering all suggestions received via the site's feedback e-mail address and will take them into account for next semester.

Possible upcoming changes to the site include adding more online vendors to the price comparisons and branching out to other schools, such as MIT, the founders said.

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