Fifteen Minutes: Social

Social life at Harvard has been pooh-poohed to death. Get over it, get out, live a little. When January 1st,
By FM Staff

Social life at Harvard has been pooh-poohed to death. Get over it, get out, live a little. When January 1st, 2000 rolls around it will symbolize many things. It will be the beginning of a new year, a new millennium (well sort of) and a chance for a clean slate. For millions of students though, this opportunity for do-over comes twice a year. But for most Harvard zombies, back to school means back to the books and, maybe, if you're lucky, a bit of binge drinking for good measure. Socially speaking, we're hurting. The time has come for a new, social you.

Vowed to abandon the library filled weekends of yore and jump onto the Latin-loving bandwagon-learn to live la vida loca with tango lessons. Tango By Moonlight, hosted by the Tango Society of Boston takes place once a month on the Weeks Memorial Footbridge across from Dunster and Leverett House. Nearing the end of their third season this alternative society will offer one more twisting and twirling extravaganza (Saturday October 23rd from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.; 699-6246).

River rats will also love the caffeinated good-times at the weekly Dunster Coffee House. It's more than free coffee and late night snacks-it's a multi-cultural and multi-talented cool kids hot spot. Come and fraternize with musicians, artists, fee stylists, poets and more. Operating out of the Dunster's Junior Common Room every Thursday night at 9 p.m., the coordinators of this all-star venue work hard to make it a place for all spectators to feel at home.

Buzzing on coffee, forget sleeping-it's so anti-social. Many have already slipped back into the work-a-holic routine by staying up way past their bedtimes. However, for those who want to use these nocturnal tendencies for social purposes, the answer is the Late Late Club (meetings take place from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. once a week on alternating nights; email destefan@fas). Using their powers for good and never evil, this organization offers relief for those who find the wee hours of the night the least conducive to sleeping. Operating out of PfoHo, this club is currently looking for new members to help the club get back into the fall groove.

As the winter months approach there is no doubt that options for social activities dwindle, and almost all outdoor activities cease to exist. For those who are not members of the Polar Bear Club of Boston, yet still desire the crisp air of winter to nip at the nose, there is always the option of Ice Skating during the long haul from November to April. Experts agree: Nothing brings people together like skating around in circles. Sign up at the MAC for free Ice Skating lessons and master the art of fancy footwork while boning up on those figure eights and triple axles. After conquering the ice, take time to show off in front of all of those Hockey players by testing out the new moves at the Bright Hockey Rink during open skating (495-4205).

Don't dig the cold? Embrace the new, warm-and-fuzzy, all-female non-final club, the Seneca. Next week the first application process will begin and you can get in on all that great networking from ground-zero. Get a copy of the application online at or contact Kirsten E. Butler '01 or Alexandra E. Seru '01, co-Presidents.

Avoid the prepsters at a local dive. Cambridge has plenty of smoky, subterranean dens of iniquity and upscale venues where prices and door policies often leave you in the cold. Upstairs at Charlie's Kitchen (10 Eliot St.; 492-9646

Sunday to Wednesday 11 a.m. to 1 a.m., Thursday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.) is a unique bar and diner where drinking and eating are heartily encouraged. Bring your posse, push together some tables and socialize.

Consider throwing your own party. Get skills with the Harvard Bartending Course (495-9657) or save some cash and hit the web for drink recipes. Everybody loves a generous bartender.

On the booze tip, seek out your house's Stein Club and make some friends or join the H-Club kids who chant, "rah-rah for Harvard!" The $10 membership fee includes an H-Club T-shirt and free admittance to various special events. Give President Katie Duffy a jingle at 493-2041 (or duffy@fas) for details.

Bust out of Cambridge and drop the H-bomb on blind date. LunchDates (Statler Building, Park Square, Downtown Boston; 254-3000) arranges for you to meet someone in a public restaurant without revealing your last name or telephone number. It's sorta like the witness relocation program for the criminally single.