Change at College Comes at Slow Pace

But while administrators tout their successful initiatives, other plans for the College have fallen by the wayside--most notably, a proposed student center.

Epps wrote a proposal for a building he called "College Hall" almost two years ago, but the issue is now virtually dead in the water. The idea never made it past Lewis' desk to reach Knowles.

But while his vision for a student center did not get support from the powers that be, Epps says many small successes did come out of the College Hall initiative.


He cites space renovations, the 1995 construction of Loker Commons and more funding for student groups as major successes of his years of campaigning for student needs.

"Some needs get met and some don't, Epps says. " I'm partially satisfied because we have Loker. I'm happy with the incremental changes."

Slow Change

But is FAS too slow in addressing undergraduate needs?

"There are lots of hardworking and visionary people here at Harvard, but there are not unlimited resources," Dingman says. "Things aren't likely to change overnight. In weighing things together, we're asking the institution, What are our priorities?"

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