Council Expels, Installs Burton

It was the changing of the guard at the Undergraduate Council's meeting last night, and newly installed Vice President John A. Burton '01 was once again expelled from the council for truancy.

In an emotional moment at the end of last night's meeting, outgoing council President Noah Z. Seton '00, clad, along with other outgoing council members, in black tie apparel, recalled the successes of his administration, including universal keycard access and making University Health Services more accountable to students.

Seton then thanked the council for their support and passed the presidential gavel over to Burton's running mate, Fentrice D. Driskell '01, who distributed packets outlining her agenda for the coming months.

In a peculiar juxtaposition of ceremonies, Burton was expelled from the council only minutes before he was installed as its vice president.


Burton's second expulsion for truancy--which will not affect his ascendance to his new position--comes one month after his first, and less than three weeks after his landslide vice-presidential election victory.

Burton will now assume a position charged with convincing negligent council members to attend meetings.

But Burton says he doesn't foresee any problems taking care of attendance, despite his own record. "I'll just be vice president," he says.

Council members are automatically expelled after five or more absences, but can apply to the council's executive board to be reinstated.

Burton was first expelled in December with 10 absences and was re-instated a week later by the council's executive board. A re-instated council member begins with three absences.

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