A Bridge to Nowhere?

A semester into their term, Driskell and Burton search to define their agenda

For years, the Undergraduate Council was split between members who believed the council should take stands on social issues and those who believed it should focus on student services like fly-by lunches and universal keycard access.

This year's council leadership defies those labels.

Council President Fentrice D. Driskell '01 prides herself on "building bridges" between liberal, activist council members and more conservative, student-services oriented students.


But while Driskell's proudest accomplishments have involved members from both camps, last semester's council leadership was responsible for few concrete achievements of either type.

And with budget shortfalls and fewer council members, even Driskell concedes this semester's council will face "a lot of challenges ahead" in the coming semester.

The Census Collapse

Driskell and her running mate John A. Burton '01--who could not be reached for comment for this story--won last year's council elections in a landslide on the platform of building community.

The Harvard Census 2000 was their platform's centerpiece.

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