Police Arrest Suspected Thiefs

"Whatever way they exited, they weren't getting far," Kotowski said.

Outside Austin Hall, McCauley and Morley were caught and arrested by officers Lakin, Andrew Gilbert, George White and David McLane.


Kotowski said police found "large amounts of evidence" on the two men.

The situation was complicated when patrol officer Kevin Harrington, while responding to the call, rear-ended a taxi at the corner of Mass. Ave. and Peabody Street--within sight of the arrest scene.

Harrington's cruiser, car 296, was damaged heavily. The passengers in the cab had to be extricated by the Cambridge Fire Department.

Harrington and the cab's passengers were taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries and released. Harrington is expected to return to work within a couple of days, Sergeant Robert Cooper said.

The crash diverted some units from the arrest scene and caused widespread confusion on police radios, as units were simultaneously dispatched to the foot pursuit and the accident.

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