Sugar Bowl Surprises

South Carolina v. Notre Dame.

Jan 2, 2001. The Sugar Bowl.

Go ahead and laugh. Act shocked and tell the dyslexic fool that he's reversed the win and loss columns again. Tell him he's a sentimental romantic. It may be true. Just don't act


shocked when you hear those teams announced in December.

A Bowl Championship Series (BCS) showdown between Lou Holtz's new team and his old team is not as impossible as it may have once seemed.

But what do you say? Didn't South Carolina enter the season with a 21-game losing streak?

Didn't the Fighting Irish have the toughest September schedule in college football? Wasn't Bob Davie supposed to be out on his ear after the polls predicted an 0-4 start to the Irish season?

Yeah, you've got your facts right.

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