Florida Election Enters Courtroom

"Any ballots in the gray area are going to go in the Democrat's favor," said Jason P. Brinton '00-02, who heads the College Republicans. "I just think it's patently unfair to use one method of recounting in heavily Democratic counties and another for the rest of the state of Florida."

But Marc Stad '01, the president of the College Democrats, said that Bush has the right to ask for recounts as he fancies in whatever counties he chooses.

"The judge made absolutely the right decision," Stad said. "If more people went to the polls in Florida to vote for Al Gore than those who went to vote for George W. Bush, I think that Al Gore should win the votes of Florida."


In other election news, NBC News reported late last night that one county in New Mexico found an additional 500 votes for Gore, reversing Bush's 17 vote lead and putting Gore ahead in the state.

This story was compiled from the Associated Press and other wire services.

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