Police Log

Nov. 11:

5:48 p.m.--An officer of the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) noticed a person in Harkness Commons who he knew was not allowed on campus. The subject was stopped and identified. The officer placed him under arrest for trespassing.

Nov. 12:

4:39 a.m.--A caller reported someone knocking on windows outside Dunster House. The officer found the suspicious person and spoke with him.


Nov. 13:

2:18 p.m.--A fight was reported near the Broadway Garage. HUPD officers responded, found the youths involved and sent them on their way.

Nov. 14:

1:08 a.m.--An officer conducted a field interview with two men outside Tommy's Pizza. After identifying both of them, the officer released them.

Nov. 15:

1:54 p.m.--Multiple callers reported a fight in front of Au Bon Pain. Officers responded and broke up the fight. They determined that both parties were at fault and that neither wanted to press charges.

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