Undergraduate Council Election Commission Gets Tough the Second Time Around

Who would have thought that Election Commission Chair David L. Levy '00 would have been among the most prominent figures in last year's Undergraduate Council elections?

The commission, for years an uncontroversial institution, was thrust into the spotlight last year when then-candidates Fentrice D. Driskell '01 and John A. Burton '01 were accused of campaign violations that could have led to their disqualification from the race.

Driskell and Burton are now council president and vice president, respectively.


But several of those who argued last year that the election commission mishandled the alleged campaign violations are hoping to make sure the commission behaves differently this year by taking seats on the commission and demanding tougher standards and penalties.

Sterling P.A. Darling '01, who lost the presidency to Driskell last year and has criticized the commission, is one of this year's six commissioners, as is Kyle D. Hawkins '02, a council member who chaired Darling's campaign and called for Burton's impeachment last year.

A Driskell supporter--Alex A. Boni-Saenz '01--also sits on the commission, as do three non-council members, Nancy A. Redd '03, Zina L. Gelman '04 and Melissa A. Eccleston '04.

Last Time Around

Last year's election commission found itself at the center of council controversy when candidates sparred over the campaign expenditures of the Driskell-Burton campaign.

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