Game Should Be Free, Council Says

Two weeks before The Game against Yale, the Undergraduate Council last night called for the settling of what member Paul A. Gusmorino '02 called an "age-old gripe": that Harvard undergraduates have to pay $12 for a ticket to The Game--even when it's at Harvard.

Yale undergraduates do not have to pay for tickets when The Game is in New Haven.

"Yalies don't have to pay. Are we worse than Yalies? I think not," sponsor Todd E. Plants '01 thundered.


Plants and Gusmorino said the issue of free tickets is under consideration by Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis '68. They said the council's resolution would go a long way towards encouraging Lewis.

"This is a way to say this really is important to us," Gusmorino said.

Calling the New Haven school "an abomination," the council also passed a resolution beginning its appropriations for activities during Harvard-Yale weekend.

The council allocated $170 for a dry tailgate party at The Game, and $770 for a DJ "Spin-Off" in Lowell House. The Campus Life Committee also plans a Battle of the Bands for that weekend, in addition to other activities.

The council's most divisive debate of the evening came during a discussion about the traditional council-sponsored shuttles to the airport prior to Thanksgiving break.

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