Council, Supporting Lewis, Votes to Hike Fee

Despite popular opposition, council supports increase

The Undergraduate Council endorsed by a large margin last night the decision of Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis '68 to seek an increase of the term bill fee that funds the council.

Widespread applause greeted the announcement of President Fentrice D. Driskell '01 that by a vote of 34-5, the council passed a resolution sponsored by Jeffrey A. Letalien '01 that "encourages" Lewis and the Faculty to raise the fee "in accordance with inflation."

Lewis announced two weeks ago that he was proceeding with a plan to ask the Faculty to raise the fee--even though a student referendum to do so failed narrowly last year.


Every year since 1983, the council has been funded the same way: through an optional $20 term bill fee. But because of inflation, that money only buys 60 percent of what it did in 1983. Adjusted for inflation, the term bill fee would now be $33.50.

Lewis has said he hopes the new term bill fee will be $30 to 40. He will present his plan to the Committee on College Life on Thursday, and if it passes, the measure will go to a full vote of the Faculty.

Letalien argued that the council needed the term bill increase in order to remain legitimate on campus. Funding for student groups and campus events has reached crisis proportions, he said.

"We are elected to represent the students, and we need to do the best thing to improve campus life," he said.

Some members opposed the bill, saying the council should not override the will of the student body.

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