It's All About (Shoe) Polish

In hiring new employees, many companies look for well-polished candidates--both on their resumes and on their shoes.

A survey of corporate executives conducted by Kiwi Brands, a leading manufacturer of shoe polish, found that nearly 80 percent considered "well-cared-for shoes very important" to their success.

And at Odessa Instant Shoe Repair in Cambridge, employee Steve Santos said polish can make or break a person's overall appearance and shoe care.


"Polish--that's number one" Santos said. "You gotta keep your shoes clean."

But in the midst of recruiting season, are Harvard students taking heed of all the advice?

Ronaldo Rauseo-Ricupero '04, who was decked out in a suit and tie--and shiny shoes--at Annenberg Hall yesterday, said he performed extensive upkeep on his loafers.

"These are kind of new," Rauseo-Ricupero said. "I went to the cobbler's and made sure to put tips on them so that the heels and tips don't wear out."

He said he also polished his brown shoes with two colors of polish--black for the base of the shoes and brown for the top part.

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