Someone Still Likes You: DateSite Docs Plan Comeback

When asked about the site, many students, even those who had been the recipients of many e-mail messages last year, needed to be reminded of what exactly DateSite was.

And then they recalled the massive popularity of the trend.


"It was the kind of thing where you opened your inbox and you had eight new e-mails," says D.K. Osseo-Asare '02.

But after receiving somewhere between 50 and 100 e-mail messages from the site, Osseo-Asare questioned the sincerity of the crushes.

Elizabeth S. Grossman '00 said the fad couldn't last forever.

"That's a tough way to meet people," she says. "Nobody wanted to admit they were doing it."

Edward S. Baker '01, co-founder and webmaster of DateSite, said 1,800 Harvard users--over a quarter of the student body--have registered, and the site's 10,000 users have averaged a 20 percent matchup rate.

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