Someone Still Likes You: DateSite Docs Plan Comeback

Baker is worried the seven-page survey may be too lengthy for people to want to finish. The matcher will be available soon: Baker is tweaking the questions but hopes to finish it within the next few days.

"If I do put the survey on the page before Valentine's Day, I'll have it just for Harvard," Baker says. "If all goes well, we'll open it up to people at other schools."


Reeling in students in the Boston area and beyond is one of DateSite's long-term goals.

According to current DateSite statistics, students from 500 different colleges are registered.

Some schools have vast numbers of users, including MIT with 800 and Brown, UMass, BC, Amherst, BU, Yale, Brandeis, UPenn, Tufts, Princeton, URI, Wellesley and Dartmouth, each of which have several hundred DateSite devotees.

The DateSite Docs, as founders Baker, Jacob E. Fleming '01, Arthur E. Koski-Karell '01 and Joshua J. Wilske '01 call themselves, spent a lot of time last year pushing the site on campus, but the website has had to find its own way at other schools.

"Its success at Harvard shows it has a lot of potential," Baker says. "But since we don't have any source of revenue, it's hard."

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