Knowles: Faculty Recruitment Will Be Top Priority

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences' top priority this year will be to increase the number of junior and senior professors, Dean Jeremy R. Knowles said yesterday.

Speaking in University Hall on the release of his annual letter to the full Faculty, Knowles said he wants to lower the Faculty's student-teacher ratio while keeping constant the size of the student body. He also announced that the Faculty spent about $513 million last year, nearly $25 million more than last year's expenditures.

Though the 17-page letter cites many successes, Knowles urged the Faculty to act to resolve problems he termed pressing.


"My main message this year is carpe diem," Knowles said. "I believe we must be very careful not to become complacent."

In the main body of his letter, Knowles said that some departments are more successful than others at recruiting and retaining competent faculty, and that other departments should mimic their methodology.

Knowles also cited the frequent problem of a shortage of teaching fellows (TFs) in the college.

College officials said that this has resulted in part from an increase in financial aid for graduate students. This increase, he said, means that the extra income provided by a TF job may not be needed.

The letter also included updates on capital projects and information technology. Capital projects discussed include the ongoing renovations of Widener Library and plans for two new buildings to house offices and laboratories for the physical sciences and the life sciences.

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