Fifteen Minutes: 15 Minutes

Hasty Pudding Theatricals Man of the Year Billy Crystal will be roasted tonight on stage for his performances in such

Hasty Pudding Theatricals Man of the Year Billy Crystal will be roasted tonight on stage for his performances in such cinematic classics as "Forget Paris" and "My Giant" for

20 minutes.

Charles Schulz's last Charlie Brown strip, which featured the whole gang in their most well-known poses (i.e. Charlie with a football, Linus with his blankey), ran the day before he died of colon cancer. He has been missed for

6,480 minutes.

Start the winking and teasing now because International Flirting Week ends in

2,880 minutes.

Heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio complained about his larger-than-life image during the premiere of "The Beach," his newest flick. He said he hoped people would still recognize his work as an actor in

10,512,000 minutes.

According to a recent survey, 46 percent of Venezuelans are happy with their sex lives, topping the rest of the world. The country is also home to the vainest people in the world, a fact that has been known for

525,600 minutes.

Now only not shown in two South American countries, Playboy TV, a channel that boasts such programming as "Night Calls," in which viewers's fantasies are carried out on screen, has been broadcasting in Chile for

10,080 minutes.

As John McCain's campaign bus headed down I-26, a South Carolina state trooper pulled over the vehicle, but just because he wanted to meet the candidate. South Carolina's Republican Presidential Preference Primary is in

2,880 minutes.

Last week, a nicotine addict who decided to smoke in the bathroom of a Continental Airlines jet started a small fire. Smoke wafted into the cabin, alarms went off and Charles Mason Everman, 41,was arrested on federal charges. The Boeing 737 landed safely in

15 minutes.

Brazilian doctors performed a Caesarian section on Neide Neves dos Santos, 24. She has been in a coma for

216,000 minutes.

London-based autograph specialists at Fraser's are selling a piece of JFK's hair for $800. It predates his assassination by

172,800 minutes.

Charles Peck, a Springfield patrol officer who was severely injured in a cruiser accident and was declared legally dead, is fighting to get death benefits as his own survivor. He has been resuscitated for

9,460,800 minutes.

Tourists headed for Cape Cod this summer should leave their cigarettes at home. The ban on smoking begins in

66,240 minutes.

Move over Spider-Man, there are new comic book stars in town: The Backstreet Boys. The books, which will feature the hip-swiveling five with super powers and capes, will be sold online and at concerts in

2,880 minutes.

After struggling with lung cancer for two years, Jim Varney, the actor known for his "Ernest goes to" roles, has been dead for

7,200 minutes.

Baltimores National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary will host the kick-off concert in the Roman Catholic Church's tribute series to the birth of Jesus Christ in

54,720 minutes.