Revamped Student Web Site Offers Comparison, Used Book Shopping

Three students who founded an Internet book-buying site last semester have given their site a facelift and a name change.

The juniors who developed the "Flying Chickens" Web site in September have now expanded their services and their audience with their new site,

Limespot (a combination of the words "limelight" and "spotlight") offers the same comparison shopping for Harvard classes among five major on-line booksellers as the previous site, The new site features added student services, including a used book exchange and an events database of on-campus activities.


The students say they expect Limespot to build on the success of Flying Chickens.

"We were very encouraged by last semester's success and the popularity of the site, with over one-third of the student body logging on," said Johann M. Schleier-Smith '01, one of the founders of the site.

According to another founder, Greg Y. Tseng '01, 2,000 students visited the site and 400 made their book purchases there.

Tseng said the three founders netted between $500 and $800 in commissions from the book merchants.

Aviva A. Geiger '01, Schleier-Smith and Tseng, the founders of the original site, incorporated students' suggestions when creating the new and improved page.

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