Percent Hydronium: Starks Dresses for the Enemy

On the walls of the Crimson Sports Office, placed prominently among old sports pages, varsity schedules and a small picture paying homage to Don Mattingly hangs a poster entitled, "The Dunk."

For New York Knicks fans, there have been few greater moments at the Garden in the last decade.

On a Tuesday night in May at 34th street and Seventh Avenue, the Knicks faced the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals--the first Conference Finals for New York since the 1973-74 team fell short against the Celtics.


This wasn't just any New York team--these were the Knicks of veterans Mo Cheeks, Charles Oakley and the ever-present Ewing; the over-practiced Knicks of Pat Riley, whose hair and celebrity outshined everyone during introductions.

"The Dunk" came in the third quarter, when 6-5 shooting guard John Starks found an opening on the right side of the key and drove around once-Knick Bill Cartwright at the right foul line extended.

Alone along the baseline, Starks quickened his step and jumped off both feet, rising off the Garden's royal blue key.

In mid-air, Starks transferred the ball to his left hand, elevated above a begoggled Horace Grant and his Airness himself, Michael Jordan, and put it down.

Marv Albert was speechless, the Garden exploded and I think I may have given my brother a high-five in our living room across the Hudson.

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